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Torah Meditations from: Bamidbar

When we think of blessings, the first place our minds go, is NOT to the wilderness!  The wilderness seems too harsh, too rocky, too lonely, too void of the necessities of life and certainly void of conveniences. But, as Pastor Mark reminds us, G-d loves surprises, and He has filled the wilderness with unexpected wonders. G-d is always full of surprises and blessings even in the most unlikely of places.  And He took His redeemed people to the wilderness.      What will they find there?

    What will You find there? 

1. Have you ever been in a wilderness place, and had an unexpected blessing?  Do you long to hear G-d’s voice? You will hear it in the wilderness.

The Hebrew word “dabear” , דבר means, “he speaks.” ד dalet in Hebrew represents “door” בר beit/resh is the word meaning “son.” 

                 The Son is the door, and He speaks.

We know that yood, hey, vav, hey is “The Name” or “Ha Shem”.

1. What do we learn about Ha Shem in the first two words of Bamidar?

    יהוה Ha Shem דבר Spoke.

   We learn that Ha Shem spoke, and where were the people?  Next we learn that Ha Shem spoke to Moses אלמשה

in the wilderness! במדבר  the Hebrew word “bamidbar” is amazing when we break it into it’s pieces:

 ב(bah) means, “in the”

מ (mem) is a prefix meaning “place”

דבר (dabear) he speaks

Now when we put these pieces back together we find that in the wilderness, (bamidbar) is the place where he speaks!!!!!

Numbers 1:1a Ha Shem spoke to Moses in the wilderness…..

1. Should we fear the wilderness – the unknown, maybe lonely, maybe rocky, or inconvenient places?

2. How do we get our hearts in a place where we can hear Him speaking to us in our wilderness places?

Ha Shem took the children of Israel into the wilderness on purpose!  Did He want to speak with them when they were not distracted by all the places to go and things to do in civilization?

In the wilderness (bamidbar) Ha Shem is able to have our full attention without distractions – no cell phone towers, no freeways or grocery stores, no electricity, no devices!  His people will see His provisions and hear his voice – in the wilderness. 

Mark 6:31 And he said to them, Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while. For many were coming and going, and they had no leisure even to eat.

1. What was happening in Mark 6:31 with the people?

2. Where did Yeshua want to take the disciples?  Why?

3. How do you relate to this verse? 

Matthew 14:13 But when Yeshua heard, he departed from there by ship to a desert region alone, and when the crowds heard, they went after him by land from the cities.

1. Where did Yeshua go to be alone?

2. Notice that the people LEFT the convenient cities and what did they do?

3. Are we willing to pursue Yeshua even to a desert region and be alone with Him?

4. If you continue reading in Matthew 14, you will see how Yeshua provided even in this desolate place.  What did the people learn about Yeshua?

What do we learn?

        Hope to see you tomorrow for more Torah Meditations!