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For the young and young at heart, we are beginning a new “Story Time”, and we’ll be reading classic stories beginning with an adaptation of the adventures of Narnia written by CS Lewis. Narnia is an amazing metaphor of stories that tell of the ultimate triumph of good over evil. Narnia takes place during WWII, when four children open an old wardrobe and walk through the back of it into the incredible world of Narnia, and the adventures begin! As the stories unfold, try to imagine who each character represents in the biblical way of thinking.  

Sit back and enjoy a break without commercials or upsetting news breaks, and relax, listening to classic stories from America and around the world.  These are stories of heroism, humor, history and hope – stories that enrich and reveal who we are as a people.

Check back to this esm blog for the link that will be posted at 8am on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

                               See you at Story Time!!!