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Sivan – The Month G-d Makes the Earth Tremble!

In Exodus 19:16-19, we read words like: Thunder—Lightning—Loud Trumpet Blast—Everyone in the camp Trembled—Mt. Sinai was covered with smoke—The Lord descended on it in Fire—like Smoke from a Furnace—

                    the Whole Mountain Trembled Violently—the sound of the Trumpet grew Louder and Louder—!!! We are getting the idea; something awe inspiring and frightening was occurring!    G-d was there!  He was letting His presence be known.  He was about to proclaim His Torah – His wedding Ketubah to His people.  So powerful was this document that it would bring untold blessings to those who follow it, or unravel civilizations of those who turn their back on it.  These instructions would lay the foundation for following G-d – or not! These instructions would define good and evil – No document will ever have the impact nor replace the words given on this day – 


   **This happened on the Third Day of the Third Month, named Sivan **