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Ice Cream

Rejoice In Our Differences

It really is so exciting that we are all individuals with gifts that vary. If there were only vanilla ice cream, think of the enjoyment we would miss by not having chocolate, mint chip, strawberry and the list goes on. But the flavors of ice cream are not met to compete; they really complement each other.  And the Creator saw the great good in making us all different, so that our individual gifts would complement each others’ gifts. One gift is not greater than the other. Each gift, when put to use in its full potential, is dynamic and necessary in the Kingdom of G-d to see it fully functioning.

I Corinthians 12:4-8 Now there are different qualities given to men, but the same Spirit. And there are different sorts of servants, but the same Lord. And there are different operations, but the same God, who is working all things in all. But to every man some form of the Spirit’s working is given for the common good. For to one are given words of wisdom through the Spirit; and to another words of knowledge through the same Spirit.

  1. What three areas are different? Are these differences good or bad?
  2. What is the same in these different areas?
  3. Why is some form of the Spirit given?
  4. Who gets a gift from the Spirit?

But some people get jealous of another’s gift. Maybe someone has gifts of art, and can make beautiful things. Another may be a bookkeeper, another a teacher, another a fabulous cook and on and on. If they all wish they had the other people’s gifts, what is the outcome? It’s jealousy which never leads to anything good.

May we be thrilled to be part of the body of Christ, and use the gifts and abilities He has given us. May we not compete with each other, or compete to be each other, but may we build each other up, knowing that we all need each one’s talents and abilities. May we truly work as HIS BODY with no division. May we work toward doing the most we can with the gifts we have been given, for the common good!

Can you imagine how happy that would make our Father’s heart?

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