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Preparing for the Groom

All brides want to be beautiful for their grooms.  If you are a believer,  the soon coming King of Kings is your groom, and we are speedily approaching the day He will appear! How does this Bride prepare to see her Groom?

She might begin by asking herself what is beautiful to Him? She remembers that He is Light and she reflects the Light of her Groom. She is constantly bringing light into the darkness of this world. She talks to Him without ceasing. Then she listens to His reply and quickly acts on it.  She is immersed in His Love Letter to her – nothing is more captivating than His Words!  She can see His Love and Longing on every pate! She is inviting people to come and know Him as she knows Him……His strength, His faithfulness, His love, His forgiveness.  Her wedding garment is woven together with the good deeds she is doing for others.  Everything she does is to advance His Kingdom in this world.  Her heart overflows with love for Him and yearns for His coming!

Are we ready?

The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!”