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Meditations in Ezekiel Tishrei 1, 5781 – Fake News!

There really is nothing new under the sun. Even back in the days of the prophets, there were people who spoke with words that were not true. Now that we are in the decade of the 80’s represented by the Hebrew letter “pey” meaning mouth, we need to pay careful attention to people’s words. What does the Word say about Fake News?

Ezekiel 13:1-4 The word of the LORD came to me; Son of man, prophesy against the prophets of Israel, who are prophesying, and say to those who prophesy, from their own hearts; Hear the word of the LORD! Thus says the Lord G-D. Woe to the foolish prophets who follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing! Your prophets have been like jackals among ruins. O Israel.

1.. The Lord was warning the people against these prophets. Where were the prophies coming from that were being warned against?

2.. Had these prophets heard from the Lord or seen something He had shown them?

3. When people speak who do not hear from the Lord, how do the above verses describe them?

4. How should we apply this to all the news that swirls around in our day? What should we rely on?


Ezekiel 13:22,23 Because with your false words you have given pain to the heart of the upright man when I had not made him sad; in order to make strong the hands of the evil-doer so that he may not be turned from his evil way and get life; For this cause you will see no more foolish visions or make false use of secret arts; and I will make my people free from your power; and you will be certain that I am the Lord.

1. What is G-d’s heart toward the upright man in verse 22?

2. Do you see the goal of the ones who bring false news? What is the very sad result of making the evil doers’ hands strong?

3. Describe how G-d will act on behalf of His people.

4. What does G-d want to make known for certain?

The amazing words of Ezekiel can give us hope and comfort, and even spur us on to help those who have been fooled by fake news, because in the end, if they are not turned from their evil ways they are in trouble. But we are assured that G-d will free His people and everyone will know that He is Lord!

Come quickly, Lord, Yeshua!

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