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How Will God’s People Endure?

Our phone rings at El Shaddai Ministries with people asking questions about how to cope with what appears to be looming in our near future. Of course, the Lord may have a different answer in the details of our circumstances for each one of us. But there will be a foundation of truth for all of us – something that will cause us all to walk in His will.  In Torah portion Yitro, we have a clue of how to endure when things seem overwhelming. Let’s look at the story of Yitro and Moses………

We are told that Yitro had heard about the miraculous delivery of the people of Israel by the mighty hand of G-d. This testimony affected him, and he did something about what he had heard. This raises a question. When we look back on the mighty hand of the Lord and remember how He has protected us and done miracles for us, is our own testimony affecting us? As we contemplate His faithfulness, are we remembering that He Never Changes! He knows the times that are coming, and He is still faithful. Yitro listened to the account of miracles done by G-d! Accounts of the miracles G-d has done, encourage and strengthen us. They give us boldness to face the days ahead.

So what did Yitro do when he learned about this testimony? He knew that Moses was working himself to the bone, Moses was doing far too much for one man, and Yitro gives him counsel saying, I will give you counsel, and G-d will be with you. He said, Bring the difficulties to G-d, and teach the people Torah! Why teach Torah? So that the People will know the way in which they must walk and know the work they must do. These people are in the wilderness; they have to see the hand of G-d working on their behalf, or they will perish. But perishing is not what Yitro tells the people to focus on. In our day, nothing has changed. Our focus has to be concentrated on learning Torah in order that we know how to walk and what the work is that we are to do. Is our focus inward or outward? Are we focused on the work or on the wilderness? Are we learning Torah so that we know how best to go out and help others? This way of looking at life changes everything!

And Yitro eventually says, If you do this thing, as God so commands you, then you will be able to endure, and all this people will go to their place in peace.

The G-d of miracles, the Creator of heaven and earth will cause us to endure and have peace as we walk in His Torah and do the work He lays before us.  The way of Torah is how we endure and how we have peace! Look outward! Go and love people!

This is so Beautiful in its simplicity, and so profound in its impact!