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“EPIC” By Sherry Lush

This past Shabbat, Pastor Mark mentioned that Passover is an “epic” event. Here we are some 3,500 years later, and we are still talking about and celebrating Passover. What makes something epic? Something is epic when an event is so spectacular that people remember it. Epic is something that is glorious, grandiose, magnificent and even royal! Passover was this kind of an event.

G-D etched a memory in our brains of His power and used it on our behalf! No other G-D could split an ocean in half and keep the water standing on each side, while His people walked across on dry land! Passover is epic.

Only G-D could create a space in our hearts so boundless that it cannot be measured and then fills it with His love. How did He do that? At Passover, a spotless lamb was taken into each home and the very blood that gave that little lamb life, was poured out to save those in the house! What an amazing picture of the Lamb of G-d whose blood would save us and give us eternal life. “Greater love has no one than this, that one should lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13). G-D’s love is epic! He himself died for us, and He painted the picture of how this would happen at Passover! Immeasurable, epic love!

G-D heard the cries of His people and delivered them from slavery! Never in history has an entire people group walked away from their slave masters who then loaded them up with treasures on their way out! We are told that 600,000 males plus women, children, and strangers with all their cattle left that night. After 430 years in Egypt and 200 years as slaves, they were free, slaves no longer! In one night – Passover! This is epic.

May the memory of this epic event strengthen us, give us courage, and help us to remember that nothing is too big for G-D. He proved that at Passover!

Passover is epic!