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Sun Thru Trees

Days of Repentance – Days of Awe

Have you ever wondered why the 10 day period that we are in has two names? Well, Repentance and Awe are really threads of one fiber.

Does the sunlight dancing on the water or shimmering through the branches of trees ever just stop you in your tracks and cause you to breathe out praise to the awesome G-d who created such amazement? This is awe. Or have you ever looked at a deer or a bird or a pansy and stopped to be astonished at the beauty of such amazing creations? Now add to this awe the thought that G-d so loved us He gave his only Son whose blood now atones for our sins. And keep going. He took the Commandments written on stone, and He writes them on our hearts, and His Spirit lives in us, and He has promised never to leave or forsake us! We are talking about Almighty G-d here, the One who spoke and created everything! This is the God that wants us to Repent during these days of Awe.

Repent, literally translated means to Return! As humans, we can forget to be in awe of G-d and allow life and all of its pressures and pleasures to take hold of us. It is possible to get so wrapped up in business and all things worldly, that G-d becomes less than our first priority. In these days of Awe and Repentance, we Repent and Return to our first love.

In all purity of heart as His child, we recognize we have drifted away from Him and we return. We set ourselves apart – we return to walking in His footsteps – we return to thinking of others and treating others as we want to be treated. We repent for time wasted – time we could have spent with Him or helping others – in repenting, we reorganize our priorities, so He is in first place again, and we recognize that our lives are truly for His glory. We become aware of His presence both inside and outside of us – He is there!

In these 10 days, we have the opportunity to run to Him and repent. Let’s return with all our hearts to Almighty G-d who wants to liberate us and free us to be who He created us to be, and let’s allow awe of Him to keep us constantly overwhelmed.

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