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Coping with Change and the God Who Never Changes!

Why is the number 3,332 important?

No one has escaped the routine-busting virus we all know as Covid 19.  Something that can’t even be seen by thee naked eye came in and turned our world on its head.

Overnight we began doing things differently. Suddenly we were – working from home, home schooling our children, sanitizing constantly, wearing masks, social distancing and on and on. Things we never imagined are became common place and we’ve succumbed to these new routines quickly and without push back.  We have all had to cope, and we all joined in wanting to protect life.  We’ve probably all asked the question, “What can I depend on in a world that is erupting in change? 

Do you know that this Shavuot is the 3,332  anniversary of the day Mt. Sinai trembled, and G-d gave the Torah – His instructions for a blessed life! Though life can change in an instant, His Word will never change.

 Isaiah 40:8 The grass withers, the flower fades, 

                 but the word of our G-d will stand forever.

          We can trust His Word to always remain the same!

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