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Celebrating Succot

During Succot the book of Ecclesiastes is read in the mornings. Ecclesiastes reminds us of the temporary qualities of life and the material realm. The Sukkah being a temporary dwelling is also a reminder that nothing in our lives is permanent. But the sukkah with it open roof also reminds of the permanence and power of our G-d when we look through that roof and gaze at the lights of the skies. We remember G-d who spoke them into existence, put them in their positions and everyday causes the morning and evening to arrive without fail. The sukkah is a temporary dwelling place as our bodies are a temporary dwelling place, but G-d created our spirits to be eternal; He will give us a body like His; and we will live with Him forever! Like the arrival of evening and the morning, we can count on this.

Succot is a time of rejoicing! As Pastor Mark says, no whiny whiny for 7 days! The four species remind us that this is a time for joy and for dedicating ourselves to G-d. This is a time to celebrate that the crops have been gathered, but not be self-congratulatory, instead, acknowledge and thank the Lord who has given us all this abundance.

Leviticus 23:40 sums it up this way….take the produce of goodly trees, branches of palms trees boughs of leafy trees and willows of the brook and you shall rejoice before Adonai your G-d seven days.

Succot is a time to celebrate the goodness

and faithfulness of our great G-d!

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